LEAD2 Comparative Studies will address university governance and academic leadership issues across countries

The LEAD2 project partners have made its plan for Comparative Studies on university governance and academic leadership.

The comparative studies will take place mainly in the countries where the LEAD2 partners represent (5 EU countries, Turkey and China). Other interested countries will also be invited to join the comparative studies.

The comparative study plan will be implemented by all project partners and related associated partners and researchers.

Research teams (each composed of several partner research members) have been formed in order to ensure the collaboration among partners and ensure that knowledge are shared among different partner members.

The studies will be conducted either within a certain country or trans-national.


In addition to contributions of all project partners, open calls for book chapter contributions and call for articles for international peer-reviewed journals will be launched for the wide research community.


The deliverables of the comparative studies will include:

1) Research instruments 

2) Research reports and articles (in international and national journals)

3) Book publications (in Chinese and English)

4) Policy recommendations (in Chinese and English)