Enhancing Academic Leadership and Governance of Chinese and European Universities in the Context of Innovation and Internationalization (LEAD2)

The LEAD2 project is a Capacity Building in Higher Education project supported by the Erasmus+ programme. The aims of the LEAD2 project are to:

  • Strengthen the capacity of higher education institutions in governance and academic leadership

  • Enhance the knowledge and capacities of academic leaders and potential academic leaders on university governance and leadership
  • Implement innovative and targeted blended training (MOOC, workshops & peer learning) for academic leaders
  • Deepen the understanding of university governance and academic leadership through comparative studies
  • Create an online Knowledge Base,  Referencing Tool & Networks
  • Establish an EU-China Center on University Leadership


The LEAD2 project is built on the results of the LEAD project, but with significant new & innovative contributions. The rational for setting up the LEAD2 project is two-fold: 1)need for deeper & broader innovative capacity building on university governance and academic leadership among Chinese and European HEIs, 2)the lack of Knowledge Base and Referencing tool for academic leaders. Therefore, the LEAD2 has four main objectives: 1)customise innovative specialized & targeted blended training for academic leaders, 2)deepen the understanding of university governance and academic leadership (AL) in diverse contexts through comparative studies, 3)create an online Knowledge Base and Referencing Tool for academic leaders, 4)establish an EU-China Center on AL. The key results include 1) customised blended training (MOOCs & F2F workshop series) targeted for young, middle-level and top-level academic leaders; 2)research reports and publications that significantly contribute to the understanding of university governance and AL in China and the EU; 3)created online Knowledge Base and Quick Referencing tool for (potential) academic leaders; 4)a sustainable EU-China Center on AL. The project has significant impact in further strengthening the EU-China cooperation in university governance, supporting the modernisation and internationalisation of HEIs and fostering innovative capacities of Chinese and European universities. It will also further contribute to the EU-China High-Level People-to-People Dialogue (HPPD), especially the EU-China cooperation in higher education. The key stakeholders include university academic leaders at different levels including potential academic leaders, Chinese and European HEIs, and relevant policy makers. 

The LEAD Community includes all LEAD1 project members (http://lead-project.org/), LEAD2 project members (http://www.lead2-project.eu), and a wide range of other European and Chinese universities and institutions. 

In the framework of the project, blended training and workshops in the EU and China are organized from January 2019 to January 2023. 

The LEAD2 project will develop and implement the following main activities:

  • MOOCs on University Governance and Academic Leadership
  • Comparative studies on EU-China University Governance and Academic Leadership
  • Training and workshops on University Governance and Academic Leadership
  • Build online knowledge base on University Governance and Academic Leadership

Project work packages



LEAD2 Leaflets

View the LEAD2 Leaflet-English version  here 

View the LEAD2 Leaflet-Chinese version here