LEAD2 Special Issue Articles and LEAD2 Papers

LEAD2 Special Issue Articles and LEAD2 Papers

LEAD2 Special Issue Articles published in international peer-reviewed journals:

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European Journal of Education

University governance in Europe and China in the context of internationalisation

Chinese Education & Society

Educational Leadership in Chinese Higher Education

Asia Europe Journal

EU-China university governance structures—case studies

A case study of decentralization reform in a Chinese university

Comparative study on the internal governance models of Chinese and European universities

Case studies investigating distorted supervisor-postgraduate relationship and solutions in Chinese universities

Comparative Perspectives and Cases of University Governance in European and Chinese Universities
Research in Education Administration & Leadership 

Transformation in Higher Education Institutions in cross-cultural contexts during uncertain times



LEAD2 Papers published in the LEAD2 Journals:

January 2020

LEAD2 Paper (1): 高校内部院级治理改革的价值、挑战与行动路径 
LEAD2 paper (1) (Value, Challenges, and Practices of University Internal Governance Reform)

March 2020

LEAD2 Paper (2): Analysis of the Research Status of University Governance
LEAD2 Paper (2): 大学治理领域研究现状分析

July 2020

LEAD2 Paper (3) Ye & Zou.pdf
LEAD2 Paper (3) Ye & Zou Chinese

December 2020

LEAD2 Paper (4) Caliskan & Zhu
LEAD2 Paper (4) Caliskan & Zhu Chinese

April 2021

LEAD2 Paper (5) Ibrahim Yorgun 

August 2021

LEAD2 Paper (6) Wang Zhaorui, Gao Xing, Chu Zwang 


LEAD2 Paper (7)

April 2022

LEAD2 Paper (8)

Aug. 2022

LEAD2 Paper (9)

Dec. 2022

LEAD2 Paper (10)