[LEAD2 MOOC Online Workshop Series #2] Academic Leaders in the new Higher Education Contexts: Opportunities and challenges










LEAD2 MOOC Online Workshop

Date: 26 April 2021

Time: 11:00-12:30 (GMT+1)

Participants: LEAD2 MOOC learners and alumni, interested audience


  1. Welcoming session (11:00-11:13)
  • Opening address and introduction of the structure of the Interactive Session

                   Moderator: David CASTRO GARCIA

  • Welcome address and a brief introduction of LEAD2 Project & LEAD2 MOOC

       Prof. Dr Chang ZHU

  1. Group photo (11:13-11:15)
  2. Keynote Speech (11:15-11:30)

                 Keynote Speaker: Prof. Dr Jan CORNELIS 

    Q&A on Padlet



  1. Breakout Room Discussion (11:30-12:00)

?? Breakout Room 1: Young academic leaders and leadership 

           Facilitators: David CASTRO GARCIA & Dimitrios CHARMPIS

  • What is young academic leadership? 
  • Who are young academic leaders? 
  • What can be the motivations for young academics to act as leaders in university governance practices and processes? 
  • How can young academic leaders be involved (directly or indirectly) in university governance processes and practices?


?? Breakout Room 2: Competencies for young academic leaders

            Facilitators: Jean Claude CAGAS & Khuyen DINH 

  • What are the essential competencies/characteristics a young academic leader should possess? 
  • Why should young academic leaders have such competences? 
  • Which leadership competencies and skills need to be eenhanced


?? Breakout Room 3: Challenges facing young academic leaders

            Facilitators: Yujie XUE & Aysun CALISKAN

  • What are the challenges that you have encountered in your leadership career? 
  • Which strategies do you apply in your professional life to handle the challenges? 
  • In your view, what are the ways of developing a personal growth path? 


?? Breakout Room 4: Academic leadership and internationalisation of higher education institutions

            Facilitators: Zhao CHENG & Zhengwen QI

  • What are the main priorities and strategies of your university in terms of internationalization? 
  • In your view, what factors in internationalization have influenced academic leadership and university governance? 
  • What kind of academic leadership skills are needed in international cooperation in higher education?
  1. Display of the OKB promotional video (12:00-12:05)
  2. Breakout Room Discussion Presentation (12:05-12:25)

The representative of each group will have 5 minutes to present the results of their discussion. 

  1. Feedback and Poll & Closing Remark (12:25-12:30)

FULL VIDEO can be found here






Keynote speech- Prof. Jan Cornelis