Online Seminar 'Civic University and in Internationalisation"

Event:  Online Seminar 'Civic University and Internationalisation"

Date: 8 June, 2021

Time: 13.00 Brussels, 12.00 London time

Organised by Lancaster University, the event took place in cooperation with the LEAD2 project.

As part of the events of Celebrating International Collaborations, Lancaster University organized the online seminar on 'Civic University and Internationalisation". This seminar was enhanced with keynote speakers from the LEAD2 project and LEAD2 network. 

The theme of the event was Civic Universities and Internationalisation. Keynote speakers were include Prof. Yasar Kondakci from METU (Turkey), Prof. Vina Chinapah from Stockholm University (Sweden), Prof. Chang Zhu from VUB (Belgium)




Presentation-Professor Vinayagum CHINAPAH

Presentation-Prof.Dr Chang Zhu 

Presentation-Prof. Yasar Kondakci