LEAD2 Training Programme Leadership Development for Young Academic Leaders

The LEAD2 Training Program Leadership Development for Young Academic Leaders Autumn 2021 Class is going to start in October 2021.

This training program Autumn 2021 Class is aimed at Young Academic Leaders in Chinese higher education institutions. The Programme will run from October to December 2021.

The training program will include 8 sessions of online lectures and webinars, and 2 sessions of face-to-face workshops and exchanges of experiences among young academic leaders. This training program is co-organized by the 12 LEAD2 project partners. This training will go in parallel to the LEAD2 MOOC Series Leadership Development for Young Academic Leaders. In this way, the participants can benefit from both the online and face-to-face sessions of the training program, as well as the MOOC course. This blended training can ensure that participants have a very flexible learning experience, and at the same time get maximum support and interaction from the instructors and their peers. 

Please stay tuned for further updated news from this Training Program.