LEAD2 MOOC second edition on Leadership Development for Young Academic Leaders is now open for registration

Higher education institutions have undergone radical changes and have been faced with increasing sources of pressure over the past decades. Hence, enhancing capacities for academic leaders, especially young leaders is crucial/ essential. 

This free online course is designed to help young academic leaders to better understand key issues on University governance and academic leadership and support them to become a new generation of academic leaders with multiple competencies in the new higher education context.

If you are a young academic working in the higher institution, this course is the right choice for you. This free online course guides you to go from contemporary, inclusive theories of university governance and academic leadership to practical strategies in order to enhance your knowledge, skills and competencies. 

We love you to join us for this intensive academic leadership online course.

The second series of LEAD2 MOOCs on "Leadership Development for Young Academic Leaders" in English and Chinese are now open for registration. The course will start from 8 March 2021

English version (Canvas)

Chinese version (Canvas)