The LEAD2 MOOCs 2nd edition launched on 23rd September 2019



Universities are coping with various challenges and pressures in the last decade. Thus, capacity building for academic leaders is the key point for universities to survive in that conflicting era. The LEAD2 MOOCs is part of the LEAD2 project of which the main aim is to sharpen knowledge and skills regarding University Governance and  Academic Leadership. 

As a very first online platform for academic leaders in Higher Education Institutions worldwide, the number of international participants enrolling for the course has been rapidly increasing since its opening. The new edition of LEAD2 MOOCs on “University Governance and Academic leadership” is launched on 23rd September 2019 in English and Chinese.

If you are interested in university governance and leadership skills, this MOOC course is the right choice for you!

Open for registration: enroll for free, don't miss the opportunity.