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LEAD2 Online Knowledge Base


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LEAD2 Online Knowledge Base is a free open online sharing platform designed by the LEAD2 project. It is one of the outcomes of the LEAD2 project supported under the Capacity Building in Higher Education of the Erasmus+ programme. The main goal is to provide a rich online knowledge base that incorporates various resources and literature on the topics of university governance and academic leadership and facilitates learning and sharing of stakeholders on these topics. It focuses on the EU and Chinese higher education contexts, and in the meantime, it also provides literature and resources on these topics globally. Additionally, the LEAD2 project deliverables including workshops material, training course material, publications, and videos are also preserved in this Online Knowledge Base for sustainable access and utilization by interested stakeholders.

LEAD2 Online Knowledge Base consists of three main components including the Lead2 Knowledge Base, Lead2 Referencing Tool, and Lead2 Padlet.

Lead2 Knowledge Library serves as an online library and sharing platform that stores and organizes various resources and literature on university governance and academic leadership. In order to facilitate learning, sharing of experiences and enhancement of knowledge, the resources and materials are structurally organized and classified into different source types and topics.  

Lead2 Online Referencing Tool provides a search and referencing function based on the Lead2 Knowledge Base literature and resources which are systematically categorized according to specific classifications. Besides, this tool uses techniques such as knowledge-based recommendations to improve the quality of search results. It can also automatically recommend relevant resources based on the characteristics of learners/users such as the language of the articles, the authors, keywords, and ideas or advices.

Lead 2 Community is an open forum where you can request help for materials, research problems or even practical questions relating to university governance and leadership. As part of Lead2 Community, Lead2 Padlet, is a collaborative digital wall that provides social interaction and collaboration of community groups. It also allows users to store and share multimedia content. Additionally, there are several virtual chat rooms created for academic leaders and staff at different levels who can join for community interactions, share experiences, and widen their networks and professional communities. 

To access the content of the knowledge base, learners/users must sign up and log in on the website. 

Find out more: https://www1.lead2-knowledge-base.eu