LEAD Academic Network's 2023 Annual Meeting & Webinar Showcases Global Insights on Academic Leadership and Digital Transformation

The LEAD Academic Network's 2023 Annual Meeting and Webinar, held on December 18th via Zoom, marked a significant convergence of global academic experts, attracting nearly 50 participants from 14 countries. The event was highly praised for its insightful presentations and interactive sessions, focusing on academic leadership development and digital transformation in higher education.

Key Highlights from the Meeting

Prof. Chang Zhu on LEAD's Mission and 2023 Activities: Prof. Chang Zhu, in her opening remarks, emphasized the LEAD Academic Network's commitment to research-based capacity building for academic leadership. She provided an overview of the network's activities in 2023 and set the stage for the day's discussions.

Insights from South Africa with Prof. Marieta Du Plessis: The first keynote speaker, Prof. Marieta Du Plessis from the University of Western Cape, highlighted the challenges and opportunities in leadership development within the South African higher education context. Her presentation on the PEEP leadership program and her upcoming project on leadership in digital transformation was particularly noteworthy.

EURECA-PRO and European Universities Initiative: Prof. Marcin Górski's presentation shed light on the EURECA-PRO initiative at SUT, illustrating the integration of problem-based learning in academic and industrial spheres, and its impact on cultivating diverse leadership talents.

Digital Leadership in Higher Education Evaluation: Prof. Rui Hu offered a unique perspective on higher education evaluation from China, focusing on the implications of digitalization. Her insights into the challenges and strategies for digitalization in educational evaluation were a key part of the webinar.

Academic Networking and Collaboration: The event also included breakout sessions for networking, where participants shared their research interests and explored international cooperation opportunities. Prof. Dr. Melita KOVAČEVIĆ from the University of Zagreb praised the network's interdisciplinary nature and urged its continuation. She highlighted the unique learning and exchange opportunities fostered by the network, emphasizing mutual understanding and collaboration. 

Concluding Thoughts: The meeting concluded with Prof. Jan Cornelis emphasizing the importance of structured governance in universities and the potential growth areas for leadership effectiveness indicators within the LEAD Academic Network.

The 2023 LEAD Academic Network Annual Meeting and Webinar successfully provided a platform for global academic leaders to share insights, discuss challenges, and explore collaborative opportunities in leadership development and digital transformation in higher education. The event underscored the network's role as a key player in shaping the future of academic leadership globally.