Keynote speeches and workshops 25 October 2019, Gliwice


Date: 25 October 2019


Location: the building of the CITT (Center of the Incubation and Transfer of Technologies) of SUT on Banacha 7, Gliwice. 


LEAD2 workshops focusing on cross-cases of university governance

-case presentations by 4-5 universities

-aim for cross-case SWOT analyses of university governance

(what is unique about the university structures, which strategies, advantages, bottlenecks, solutions…)

(selected partners and participating universities will be asked to present the university governance structures/models focusing on general structures and some specific aspect of university governance, including: 

●        overall university-wide governance structures      

●        specific governance structure for leading and governing research and education

●        specific governance structure for leading and governing university internationalization and networking

●        governance issues related to different levels (univ, faculty, department, etc.) and different foci (such as PhD or LLL)

●        how specific governance structures are embedded in the global univ. structure

4-5  cases will be presented

·       Case SUT, by Dr. Marcin Gorski

·       Case METU, by Prof. Gaye Toksoz, METU

·       Case Tongji University, by Dr. WANG Yan

·       Case CUG (Wuhan), by Prof. JIANG Hongchi

·       Case GXNU, by Dr. FAN Wenji

Lunch break 12.00-13.30


Workshops on the cross-case analyses and discussions


·          Prof. Jan Cornelis, VUB (Chair)

·         Dr. Marcin Gorski, SUT

·          Prof. Gaye Toksoz, METU

·          Dr. WANG Yan, TJU

·          Prof. JIANG Hongchi, CUG

·          Dr. FAN Wenji, GXNU          

-Reporters (researchers as reporters)

·          Prof. LIU Yarong, NAEA

·          Dr. MO Yuwan, BNU

·          Prof. LIU Liusheng, YNNU

·          Khuyen Ngoc Bich DINH, VUB

·          WANG Zhaorui, CUG 

- cross-case SWOT analyses

- global structures of each case

- the role of internationalization in the university structure

- strong and weak points

- commonalities and differences

- recommendations

15.00 Coffee break


Summaries & conclusions

·  Prof. Anna Waligóra, SUT   

·  Prof. Jan Cornelis, VUB

·  Dr. FAN Wenji, GXNU

·  Concluding remarks by Dr. Marcin Gorski

End of meetings


Intro SUT, by Dr. Marcin Gorski

Case SUT, by Dr. Marcin Gorski

Case Tongji University, by WANG Yan

Case CUG (Wuhan), by Prof. JIANG Hongchi

Case GXNU, by Dr. FAN Wenji

Case YNU, by Prof. LIU Liusheng

Presentation, by Prof. Ibrahim YORGUN